Mailing Lists

Joining a mailing list

You need to “subscribe” to a mailing list in order to be able to reply on topics. If you subscribe on a mailing list, you always get a mail when a new topic or reply on a topic was created, so it’d be a good idea to set some filters or use a separate email address.

To subscribe to the “VirtualMonitor” mailing list, send a mail with whatever content to You’ll get a mail from Google Groups on which you have to reply in order to verify your subscription.

Unsubscribing from a mailing list

To unsubscribe from the “VirtualMonitor” mailing list, send an mail with whatever content to You’ll get an email from Google Groups indicating that you have unsubscribed.

To create a new topic in "VirtualMonitor", send a mail to, subject as topic title, content as topic’s first post’s content.

To reply to a topic, reply to one of those mail-notifications you get when you are subscribed to the mailing list. Be sure to “reply to list” and not to the sender.

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